Creating A Website

You know your own organization best.

The first thing is for us to discuss your organization, as well as your ideas and goals for the website. Armed with that information I research who your end-users are, gaining valuable insight into their motivation and online behavior. This is the foundation for determining what the form and function of your site should be.

Design and Feedback

This is where the details of your website are decided. Using the information about your potential end-users to develop good UX design along with input and feedback from you, the functions, layout, images, colors, textures, fonts and content are all worked out and coordinated with each other. By the end of the process you have a visual image of what the completed website will look like and include.

The website becomes a reality.

Using HTML, CSS, JQuery and Php the website goes from being a two dimensional representation to an interactive online marketing tool. It is optimized for SEO, validated and checked across major devices and browsers for functionality and mobile responsiveness. Finally your website is launched on its own server ready to work for your organization.