Who We Are

Digital Divide Institute:
People, Places, and Ideas

DDI formulates innovations to enhance social, environmental, cultural, and human impacts of the internet as it spreads towards remote regions of the planet. Our focus is called Meaningful Broadband.

Founded in 1999 by Prof Craig Warren Smith, a former Harvard (Kennedy School) professor of science and technology policy, dozens of individuals and institutions have joined in to support this vision. As our geographic focus shifted from Boston to Singapore and then to Bangkok, our secretariat roster was increasingly filled with directors, research associates, advisors and managers from emergent-market nations.

Our advisors have local expertise in our areas of deployment but they also include a few recognized Thought Leaders, who are charting the future of the internet. Through our services we focus on affecting policies and practices of governments and corporations, our research teams mostly based in universities. Our major academic partnership is with UC-Berkeley School of Information, which serves as an overall aggregator of interdisciplinary perspectives centered at the University of California.

Our focus on “interaction design” is based at the University of Washington Human Interface Technology Laboratory in Seattle. Digital Divide-Asia is at Chulalongkorn University’s Center for Ethics in Science and Technology in Thailand. In Indonesia, operating as Indonesia Group Against Digital Divide, we are at The Habibie Center, reinforced by our ties with Institute of Technology-Bandung. In Cambodia, our activity is based at the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Cambodia and Royal University of Phnom Penh. Click to the left to find out more about the individuals who currently drive DDI.