Elisa Shafa, web designer.

Been there...

Previously, I was that brick-and-mortar store owner transitioning my shop from its initial street presence only, to one that included internet visibility.
It can be difficult to translate your business into a website that entices your audience, conveys the essentials of your organization, and delivers the goals you want.
I know from experience that do-it-yourself templates and efforts don’t always come through with the results you envision.

My background is a blend of experience and education which gives me a good sense of what is needed from a website, along with the skills to implement it.

Small business, brick and mortar shop
Web designer professional
Graduate of University of Washington

Small Business Owner

A small business owner for 26 years, I saw how much a website influences the overall impression of an organization and how it integrates into its marketing plan.

Web Designer

Web Design is the perfect meeting point of technology, art and service. A beautifully designed and well developed website can go far in helping an organization turn its vision into a reality.

Degree in Psychology

Psychology is very much interested in perception and motivation. It beautifully compliments the aims of UX Design in offering a pleasing and efficient experience for the end-user.