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Where Beauty & Function Meet

Hello I'm Elisa

As a small business owner of 26 years, I understand where you're coming from.
You need a website that is attractive, performs its tasks flawlessly, and is intuitive for your customers and clients.
I know what's needed in a website from experience with my own brick and mortar store. Now I work as a web designer for organizations and businesses as someone who understands who you are and what you are looking for.

Website Services

Attractive & Intelligent

I listen when you talk about your organization. Together we build you a gorgeous, fully functional website. Or we give your old site a tune-up with a contemporary twist. Take a look at what I am able to do here:

Website Design
Custom Web Design
Designed from scratch, the appearance and function of your website is created specifically for your organization and its marketing needs.
Wordpress Development
The most popular CMS in the world. After your website is built, this option allows you to update your website content as often as you want without the help of a website professional.
Mobile Responsive
The number of people using mobile devices to look up information online is significant and growing. Websites should function well on smartphones, tablets, labtops and computer monitors.
UX Design
User Experience
UX Design
This is paying particular attention to your end-user's expectations. It is making their experience of your website easy and enjoyable while they find the information or items they are searching for.
Search Engine
I provide on page SEO, which uses the words and phrases employed by your customers and clients to search online. These are then incorporated into your website increasing the chances that it will be found.
Website Maintenance
It can be a challenge to keep your website's content current and updated. I offer ongoing website maintenance for those who need it.

Build the Right Website

For Your Audience

Your industry attracts its own niche target audience with customers as unique as your products and services. By building a website with features that exceed their expectations, you create lifetime return customers.

The Small Business Website

Your homepage is your storefront window. It entices your customers to come in and look around. Whether you are an e-commerce store, brick-and-mortar, or both, putting out the perfect digital shingle is key.

The Professional Website

You want a site that is as high functioning and professional as you are. The right website highlights your reputation in your field, and attracts clients through your expertise. Testimonials, informational content, and an exceptional FAQ page will be what convinces future clients to contact you regarding your services.

The Non-Profit Website

Your website needs to look as good as the work you do. The right nonprofit website will inspire confidence in your mission and goals, direct people to take action, get the word out about your events, organize volunteers and fundraisers, and gain you financial support. What you do is too important not to be represented by an outstanding web page.

You're Original

You Need A Custom Designed Website
To Match

There are a lot of ingredients that go into creating an attractive and efficient web page. A good web designer knows that each website is different and unique depending on the organization and its needs. From the initial research to the final delivery, find out how the process works here.

My Portfolio

Each website I create reflects the unique audience and needs of the organization through its style and features. Take a look at some examples of my work here.