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Mission-Based, Small Business & Nonprofit

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Effective Websites

Attractive & Intelligent

A website not only needs to be asthetically pleasing, but reflect its purpose accurately and be intuitive for its site visitors to navigate and use.
I integrate my experience as a longtime store owner into creating websites for small businesses, non-profits and professionals. If you need a new website made or an existing one updated~
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Each website I create reflects the unique audience and needs of the organization through its style and features. Take a look at some examples of my work here.

Build the Right Website

For Your Audience

Each industry attracts its own niche target audience. Your customers are as unique as your products and services. In order to successfully engage with them, your website needs to accurately reflect their sensibilities. Below are three broad categories of websites with considerations for each one.

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The Small Business Website

Your homepage is your storefront window. It entices your customers to come in and look around. Whether you are an e-commerce store, brick-and-mortar, or both, putting out the right digital shingle is key.
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The Professional Website

You want a site that is as high functioning and professional as you are. The right website highlights your reputation in your field, attracts clients through your expertise and convinces them to contact you regarding your services.
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The Non-Profit Website

Your website needs to look as good as the work you do. The right nonprofit website will inspire confidence in your mission and goals, direct people to take action, get the word out about your events, organize volunteers and fundraisers, and gain you financial support.